Episode 130 – Renegade Carpenter 05/18 by Not Your Demographic | Wrestling Podcasts

Stella is joined for the final time by interim co-host Right This Way Robbie. They discuss Dakota Kai's A+ character work on NXT, Drew McIntyre's thighs and how Roman is well loved by the Brits. Speaking of Brits, they also chat about their first expierence watching Riptide Wrestling.. and then more about Drew McIntyre's thighs.... Continue Reading →


Episode 129 – Stella’s Budhole 05/11 by Not Your Demographic | Wrestling Podcasts

This week Stella is joined once again by her pal Right This Way Robbie as Erin finds weed in Amsterdam. They discuss their wrestling fatigue (thanks A LOT Backlash), Stella is introduced to Manami Toyota, and Robbie has the thirst for Ishimori. Support us! Patreon.com/NotYourDemoPod Follow us! @Stella_Cheeks @ErnGenC @Haberdasher9k @NotYourDemoPod http://www.cagesideseats.com http://www.notyourdemographic.wordpress.com Source: Episode... Continue Reading →

Episode 124 – WrestleMania 34 *points to sign* 04/06 by Not Your Demographic | Wrestling Podcasts

Happy WrestleMania!! Erin & Stella make some bold predictions. They even kept it to an hour to respect your time because HOLY BALLS there is so much wrestling this weekend. That's pretty nice of them. Follow us! @Stella_Cheeks @ErnGenC @NotYourDemoPod http://www.cagesideseats.com http://www.notyourdemographic.wordpress.com Support us! http://www.Patreon.com/NotYourDemoPo Source: Episode 124 - WrestleMania 34 *points to sign* 04/06... Continue Reading →

Bonus Episode – Every Mania Ever 1 03/30 by Not Your Demographic | Wrestling Podcasts

No regular episode this week because Erin & Stella opted to see Fozzy instead. Worth it! So enjoy one of NYD's Patreon episodes and then subscribe to the Patreon! This is episode one of NYD's Every Mania Ever series. Follow us! @Stella_Cheeks @ErnGenC @NotYourDemoPod http://www.cagesideseats.com http://www.notyourdemographic.wordpress.com Support! http://www.Patreon.com/NotYourDemoPod Source: Bonus Episode - Every Mania Ever... Continue Reading →

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